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Michael Cromwell is a successful work self-absorbed commodities broker who wants to marry his new girlfriend, but to do that he has to divorce his ex-wife who has spent several years living among South American Indians. When he travels there to obtain the divorce papers, he discovers he has a teenage son, who accompanies him back to America to learn the ways of the urban jungle.

In my opinion Jungle 2 Jungle is one of the most impressive films. The cast is also extremely convincing in their roles. Jungle 2 Jungle has the most beautiful end you can ever dream of. I will remember some scenes of this movie till my funeral. The abundance of various discussions between the characters makes the conversations in this film leave other productions far behind. Jungle 2 Jungle turned out to be even much better than I really wanted. I decided to send Jungle 2 Jungle movie file here.

Directors: John Pasquin
Countries: United States, France
Release: 1997-03-07
Duration: 105 min
IMDb Rating: 5.2
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